10 Tips on How to Dress for Family Photo Sessions

10 Tips on How to Dress for Family Photo Sessions

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1. Use a color scheme. Pick complimentary colors that best suits your family. Avoid matching, but instead coordinate by using complimentary colors.

2. Pick a neutral color and use bright colors to accent. Bright colors look great in photos, but not when they’re overwhelming. Pick and choose articles of bright clothing and which family members can dress the “pop” color.

3. Coordinate with your location. Consider what might be the background of your photos and use those colors in your theme.

4. Think about your home. Most likely you will be decorating with these photos in your home. Consider what look you might like hanging on your walls or sitting on your shelves.

jjshotme-57385. Consider the season. The time of year makes a large difference in colors and using layers. Make sure your family is all dressed in the same season. And it seems silly, but consider the weather. Rain boots still make adorable photos!

6. Pick clothing you’re comfortable in. Dress nicely, but remember that a photo shows everything! You want to be most comfortable so that you look your best. (This is incredibly important when taking photos of children and teenagers.)


7. Keep patterns to a minimal. Plaids and floral can look great in photos, but be careful not to clash with each other or overdo it. The less distracting your clothing can be, the better.

jjshotme-35608. Consider furniture or props. Think about what you want out of your photo session and if it includes props or extra pieces! These can be just as important as your clothing.

9. Accessorize! The right amount of accessories can add just the right touch to your photos. Choose them wisely.


10. Pick clothes that show the authentic YOU! These photos aren’t a presentation, but a representation of your family! You’re creating a memory in time and your clothing should show off you who each are individually. Have fun!

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