My 2016 Epic Adventure Part 1 | Fes Medina Morocco

In March of this year, I had a great opportunity to go on what I called an “epic adventure”.  One of the places I visited was the old medina in Fes.  This was a surreal experience.  The medina is the old city, operating just as it has for hundreds of years.  There are miles and miles of narrow winding streets that may be traveled by foot only.  There are shops, homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, places of worship and the old tannery, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We spent a day here, experiencing the food, shops and hired a guide to take us to the tannery.  It’s easy to get lost, so having someone take us to the tannery was a good plan.  As a photographic journalist, I did photograph a few things that might be a little hard to look at.  Here is a little peek at another culture….a “whole new world”.  Enjoy!

All photos are the property of ©Jean LaFleur Johnson 2016

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