Why Are Family Portraits So Important?


What makes a family photograph so special?
Why take the time out of your busy schedules to gather the whole family, find matching clothes, pray for no rain and good moods, to just take a photo?
Why spend money when you could easily snap a “selfie” on your iPhone?

…What’s the big deal?!


Photographs are the only way we can stop time. Are your children growing up way too fast? Time moves so quickly and we can never get these years back. Portraits allow you to save your current memories.

Photographs are for the future generations. Photographs outlast people themselves. Document your family so your children’s children and their children’s children can learn their family story!

Photographs are an investment. Anyone can take a quick snapshot on his or her phone or camera, but capturing the best images of a family requires a professional. Don’t settle! Invest in your family and trust your photographer to create the art.



Photographs allow you to share with loved ones across the world. Technology and social media have made it so simple for us to keep in touch with those at a long distance. Sending photos are a way for loved ones to feel like they aren’t missing out on important years in your family’s lives!

Family portraits capture the joy and the essence of your family as it is today. They allow you to stop time, remember, enjoy and tell your family story.

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”

–Eudora Welty

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