Family Portraits and Family Resemblance

How fun is it to compare the features of new babies with their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great grandparents?  We all do it!  When a new baby comes and as they grow, we notice how much they look like Mom or Dad or Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s a natural thing and it’s logically so because we share the genes of our parents and the generations before them!  GenerationsThese twin sets are my family members.  The twins above are my own grandma and her twin sister.  The portrait was taken in 1897 when they were almost one.  The twins in the lower image are my own grandsons at about the same age.

The portrait of my grandmother and her twin sister is framed in the original gold guild antique frame and sits on the shelf above my fireplace.  I look at it every day. And sometimes when my eyes pass by, I have an almost crazy sensation of thinking it is my twin grandsons in that portrait.  You may not see it in the two images above because in 1897, people didn’t smile in a photograph and the two images don’t match in that way, but if you know my grandsons, they actually do look so much like their great great grandmother and her twin sister!  It is amazing to me that sometimes my brain does this weird exchange. It is also awesome to think about my own grandma being a child like my grandsons are right now!  We often forget that our parents and grandparents were children once too!

As a photographer, I am obviously “all about” portraits and pictures….especially family portraits!  I am so thankful to have the 1897 portrait of my grandma and my great aunt.  My great grandfather had so many portraits created of his family and I have many copies of them.  This is my family story!  He was so smart to have the faces of his family captured for all time to share with future generations.  The prints are my most valuable treasure and nothing matters more to me than my family itself.

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