JJShotMe’s Studio Graffiti Wall | Urban & Metro Photography


It’s become a trend to create urban styled portraits and have photo shoots at metropolitan locations. Graffiti art has always existed, but it has become more and more popular to find the best places on the street to take artsy photos. Well, there are lots of photo shoot locations like this in the hidden alleys and under bridges in the city of Seattle.

Our home studio is located on a wooden lot with a rustic look and feel to it. This is much different than the urban trend that some clients are looking for, but it can be inconvenient to shoot at multiple locations.That’s what sparked our idea! What if we were able to offer both kinds of looks at our studio location?

We thought, what’s better than a private and unique, one of a kind graffiti wall? A couple years back, our business decided to build our own!

We wanted to share with you the process of the build and how it’s worked for our clients.

Check out this artistic business shot that we created for Mike Stewart of Auspicious Homes! (http://www.auspicioushomes.builders/)  This isn’t quite your typical business head shot and it adds so much personality and interest to Mike’s website.jjshotme-1109

Take a look at some of our past high school seniors and their experience with our graffiti wall.

Younger students have loved this look too!

Our clients have been very pleased with this “urban” option in our private studio setting and the results that it provides.  We love the opportunity to provide a unique and special experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

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