Snowy Photo Shoot in Antique Red Vintage Dress | Christmas Family Heirlooms | Gold Creek Pond, WA


Last week, we went on an adventure to the mountains for a photo shoot. This wasn’t just any photo shoot. It was extra special.

joyceharold_rotcLast Christmas, I gave my daughter, Emily, this vintage dress. It was my mother’s prom dress from 1955, which she also wore to an ROTC Ball with my dad and on other occasions. Emily was so excited when she opened it and immediately started thinking of all the possibilities for wearing the dress, including photo shoots in the snow. As usual, life and work got the best of us and we shelved the idea.

joyceharold_1955-editjoyceharold_1958-editThe snow has returned to Washington and so we knew it was time to head for the mountains to document the dress. After spending the evening before and the next morning altering it, we packed the car, bundled up, and started driving. We discussed our ideas and shared excitement on the way, but also watched the car thermometer go down and down. When we arrived  to our location it was 19 degrees and windy, with a -0 degree windchill.


It was freezing! We planned our shots in the car because we knew we couldn’t be out in the weather for long with bare shoulders and that wind. Shooting the photos was a challenge, too.  The snow was so deep, the wind knocked the air out of us, the cold slowed camera focus, the viewfinder was fogging up…. and not to mention we had to be quick to prevent Emily from getting frostbite.  But Emily agrees, it was so worth it!  We created some amazing artistic photos of my mother’s 60 year old red velvet prom dress!  Now we have special photos of a dress that has been passed through three generations!



Our photography business goal is to be a personal artist and historian for families. We believe it is important to create heirloom portraits that will be treasured and passed from generation to generation. We created a special memory that our family will cherish forever. We wish Grandma Joyce was here to see that her red velvet prom dress is making some new memories, and we know that she would be so happy that we are passing her legacy to Emily’s future children. Emily will have a story about her extra special gift from the Christmas of 2015.

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. We hope you can create and capture memories to remember for a lifetime.





Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA


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