Portraits: What’s the Big Deal?

Everyone knows a “photographer”.

“Everyone” IS  a photographer.

This is true in our digital age where every smart phone has excellent camera capabilities and quality camera gear is fairly inexpensive.  So why do we need family portraits and why do we need a “professional” photographer or portrait artist?

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As time moves on mercilessly, today will not be repeated and tomorrow is not promised.  Children grow much too fast and life is unpredictable. Pictures capture growth and freeze memories for all time.


Well composed and well-lit portraits in a meaningful setting tell a story.  They tell OUR unique, one-of-a-kind story.  They tell about our relationships, our talents, our passions, our memories, and the places that we live in.  Printed portraits become the art of our story on the walls of the places we live and love.  They become the heirlooms that we treasure and pass on to future family members who will remember us by the pieces we create.



Portraits are our most coveted family possession.  They are what we will try to save first in a natural disaster after the children and pets have been moved to safety. Portraits in our homes communicate to our children and loved ones that they are important, that they are worth investing in, that they are loved dearly and that they are PRICELESS.


Why hire a “professional”?   Why spend the money?

A professional portrait artist is more than a person with a fancy camera.   A professional has the training, the skills and experience to provide proper light, composition, color, exposure and the creativity for the artistry, as well as the resources for professional production, retouching and printing.  A professional portrait artist is an artist AND a professional.  The investment in family portraits is significant and not inexpensive.  A professional portrait artist will help you preserve your family story by creating priceless heirloom art for your home that will last long after you and current family members have gone from this earth.  Family portraits are important, they are priceless and they are timeless.  The keepsake that you commission your portrait artist to create is a gift of love in ART and STORY and LEGACY.


Because photos are life’s best souvenir.





Sammamish, WA




One thought on “Portraits: What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Sallie Jones says:

    Love your advertising. Glad you are a full-time professional. Someday I may have my family all together and we can have you down to SoCal for a photo shoot. Love you. Sallie >

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