Why Invest In a Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding day.

It’s a day that we dream and fantasize about from when we are small children. So much discussion and planning goes into one long day that’s over almost literally “in the blink of an eye”. So what’s the big deal? Why invest in photos? Why spend the money on an “expensive” professional photographer when your friend/cousin/in-law/sister’s best friend has a fancy camera?

This is why….


After your wedding celebration, what is left?

Your spouse. Your dress. Maybe some dried flowers.  Your cake top?

Your photos.

Everything else is a memory that will be remembered through your photographs. While the wine is consumed, the meal is eaten, and the flowers have dried, the photo albums and prints remain forever to be passed to future generations.


Memories fade.

A tremendous amount of time, preparation and cash goes into your wedding day. Maybe you’ve invested a year or more planning for this one day.  Many bride and grooms are so overwhelmed by it all that when the day arrives, it is impossible to take it all in and remember everything even the day after.

On your wedding day, you don’t want to have to think about if your photographer is capturing every important moment. You want be in the moment. Professional photographers will capture moments you never even knew happened.

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Pros are pros. They’ve done this before. They know what their doing! You want to know your memories are in good hands. Professionals have “the eye” to get the great shots because they are artists and they have the experience. A professional photographer has proper knowledge of their equipment, knows about lighting, always has a back up plan, and understands the flow of a wedding day.

Every wedding day has its bumps. A professional is used to these scenarios and knows tricks around them. Many wedding venues have poor lighting and outdoor weddings in full sunlight can also be challenging. A professional will know how to work with the difficult lighting situations.  Professionals always carry back up of everything. They are prepared for rain, wind, shine, quick change of location, camera fails, dead batteries, etc. You name it, they’ve got you covered.


Your wedding day just happens once!

This is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Pros do not overcharge you. Hours upon hours of planning, shooting, editing and designing goes into each project.   Professional photographers need to cover their time, equipment costs, expertise and artistry.  Many couples’ #1 wedding regret is wishing they had spent more on their photographer. You only get one chance to have your day captured.

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Relationship & Trust.

Your relationship with your photographer is very personal.   A professional photographer is someone who understands the importance of capturing family memories and history. They believe in preserving these memories for the future generations to continue the family story and legacy. Your wedding photos will be the treasure that you, your family, future children, and future grandchildren will remember your love and commitment to each other by. Investing in professional photography is important, it is wise, and it is priceless.

We believe that creating these keep sakes of your wedding day is an incredible responsibility as well as a privilege and a blessing. We hope to serve your family with our artistry, expertise, and especially with love.

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