What’s the Importance of Senior Portraits? | Sammamish Photographer, Jean Johnson Productions

Your child is a high school senior! It’s the last year of school in your child’s childhood. This is a year of many milestones and a year to celebrate so many things including the rite of passage into adulthood. Your family may have had portraits created often over the years or a few times or maybe even never.   What’s the big deal? Here are a few reasons why you might like to invest in senior portraits.



Your child is finishing THIRTEEN YEARS of school and working really hard toward the goal of getting that diploma. Senior portraits are one of the pieces of that celebration that says it is valuable to congratulate them on this moment in their lives! This is the perfect time to capture the uniqueness of your child’s personality and the symbols of your child’s childhood like the family pet, hobbies and interests or even add siblings or best friends.


Self Esteem.

Investing in senior portraits lets them know you’re proud, they are special and that this time in their life is special. Having portraits of your children in your home tells them that you love them and that they are important.

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A New Chapter.

While your children are ending a large chapter in their lives, they are embarking on a great adventure whether they choose to leave home or they stay in their family home a bit longer. They will be an adult and will begin a new adult lifestyle.   Senior Portraits are one of the ways that puts closure on that last chapter of childhood. This is also a good time to create that first professional head shot for adulthood, since we live in a time when head shots are needed in the professional world.


Family History.

This is a perfect time to “capture the moment”. Capturing this memory is very important because time doesn’t wait and after graduation, it will seem like time accelerates. Many parents reflect on how fast the years went by. It is important to capture who your child is RIGHT NOW. Parents often find that gathering adult children for future portraits is all the more difficult and that it is important to seize this moment for history’s sake.

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