Best Locations For Senior Portraits on the East Side of Seattle

Are you about to be a senior? Congratulations! This is an exciting year and we believe it is important to celebrate it. We have been photographing seniors in the greater Seattle area for almost ten years and want to share our favorite locations with you.

  1. Issaquah Highlands – This is a great location for seniors looking for urban and woodsy photos. It can be logistically difficult to shoot at two separate locations, so this location gives some diverse options with very little travel time needed. There are lots of parks and beautiful grassy open areas as well as secluded, more private woodsy spots. It’s also fun to shoot near the shops and under the lights next to the movie theatre!


  1. Snoqualmie Point Park – We love this park! The view of Mount Si is beyond amazing and the open fields provide some epic shot possibilities. There are fun spots with tall grasses to pose in, trails and trees as well as some gnarly logs. Also, if it’s a rainy day (which is common in the Pacific Northwest), there is a covered area which is perfect to take cover and shoot from.



  1. Downtown Issaquah – The possibilities here are endless! Some of our favorites senior sessions have been in the historic sites of Issaquah. We love shooting at the train depot and on the train tracks. We also have created portraits at the fish hatchery and the old Shell station and feed store! This is a great location for seniors who want a lot of variety and different looks.


  1. Sammamish Commons – This is a perfect spot for any high school senior on the plateau. Talk about close to home! The commons have lots of concrete stairs and urban buildings as well as grassy spots with natural views. The landscaping outside of the YCMA is perfect for some beautiful shots! This location is great for those looking for a variety of options.


  1. Lake Sammamish State Park – This spot is our secret treasure. The tall grassy trails behind the lake are beautiful! Not to mention the lake itself. We have photographed all kinds of portraits here and love the way they turn out every time. This is an excellent location for the senior who loves a classic Pacific Northwest look.

jjshotme_CLARE-extra yellow watermark.jpg

  1. Snoqualmie Train Depot & Snoqualmie River – These two locations are easily grouped together for senior portrait sessions! Many of the local students grew up playing at both of these spots and they hold sentimental value for students and parents.


  1. Your school campus! –  High school campuses are a great location for those who play sports or are active in school extracurricular activities to remember their high school experience by. We love using the football field, bleachers, and front flagpole on campus for seniors in their uniforms and letterman’s jackets or with their sports balls or instruments. School is the perfect location for classic senior portraits!


  1. Downtown Edmonds – If you haven’t been here, you need to go! Historic Edmonds is an adorable town with lots to offer. Throughout the town are wall murals, fountains, shops, and more! If you keep walking toward the water, you get a gorgeous ocean view and you can even capture a ferry going by in the background.


  1. Pine Lake Park – This Sammamish park is perfect for anyone looking to get in the water. The water access is easy and clean and the dock is laid out such that we can shoot in many directions. The park also has a baseball field, covered areas, tall trees, and private areas. We’ve had a lot of fun capturing memories at this park!


  1. Jean Johnson Productions – Come and make your portraits on our private property! We are beyond lucky to have a private home studio with a great variety of looks for lifestyle portraits. Our large wooded lot includes an old grown over “farm” fence, large lawn, some tall grasses, ferns, tall evergreen trees, a unique rock wall staircase, a gravel road, and blooming flowers or fall colors for all seasons. We have a basement studio where we built a graffiti wall to represent an outdoor mural for anyone wanting to add an artsy look to their session. This is a perfect location for those who want a very private session.  We also make cookies for anyone who comes to our studio, which is always a plus!

jjshotme_2129 filter small-WM.jpg



Are you overwhelmed or unsure of what location might best for you? Do you have a location that is special to you not listed here?  Give us a call or shoot us an email (info below) and we can brainstorm with you! We’d love to help you decide what location is just right for your portrait experience. Portrait sessions are a celebration of your life and who you are.  Our purpose is to create a special experience to capture who you are and create heirloom art pieces that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.



Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA


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