Why Our Handmade Heirloom Portrait Albums? | Interview With Jean

Have you ever considered the importance of having professional portraits made and having a custom hand made album created for your family? Is there really a difference between a professionally created album and a book that you create yourself at a local or online photo printing store? Read about what Sammamish family photographer, Jean Johnson, has to say about heirloom portrait albums and why they are worth investing in.

Heirloom Album 1

Why would I want a portrait album?

“A portrait album is a celebration of memories and a work of art!  Because portraits are extra special, your portraits should be created to live in an enduring and beautiful place.  The album tells your family story, freezing time in the history of the lives of those you love. Your album can contain a set of dynamic and artistic images showing personality, emotion, relationships, special interests and achievements. Handmade heirloom albums can be displayed on a coffee table to be enjoyed as time changes everything.  Your album is a keepsake that can be passed on to future generations, so that your story is remembered and cherished.”

Heirloom Album 3

What’s the difference between a professionally designed and hand made album and a photo book made in a photo store?

“Quality and artistry are what sets a professionally created album apart from a photo book printed from an online or local store.  The albums created by Jean Johnson Productions are made with the highest quality professional photographic lustre papers, heavy .05″ lay flat pages with micro gutters, round cornered pages, and photo covers with ecoskin fabric covers.  They are made to be enjoyed now and to endure the sharing of treasured photographs with future generations.”

Heirloom Album 2

What makes Jean Johnson Productions portrait albums unique?

“The albums we create for our clients are extra special because creation begins in the conceptualization phase before the photographs are captured.  Photographs are created based on the vision established during consultations. The album is designed for the enjoyment of the memories, for the artistic celebration of that time in life, for family history and for legacy.   We specialize in making this a very personal and unique experience from start to finish.  The personality of an individual, a couple, a family, a pet is so unique that each and every project is completed in the most personal way.”




Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA





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