What To Wear to Your Senior Portrait Session

Does planning your senior portrait session cause stress and feel overwhelming? Picking outfits can definitely be difficult and that’s why we’re here to help. Here is some advice we love to give to our senior gals and guys to help them get started.


Wear what you feel most comfortable in! When you are wearing your favorite clothing, you will feel the most special and look your best. Dress like YOU and bring clothing that fits your style and personality.

LADIES: Wear what makes you feel beautiful. If you like to dress up, please do so, or if your taste is more casual, that’s great too! Feel free to bring multiple outfits or looks and we will shoot whatever we have time for. At our studio, we provide a clothing rack for you to hang your clothes on, so don’t feel like you’re bringing too much! Options are a good thing. For off site locations, we will provide a pop up changing station for your comfort and privacy. Choose colors that enhance your skin tone, hair, and eye color. Please avoid branding and clothing with words as well as tops that will show any straps. Wear natural makeup and bring it with you, in case you might need to touch it up.



GENTLEMEN: Wear what you feel comfortable and great in! The best place to start is a casual look. Jeans or khakis with simple t-shirts or button ups are always successful. If you like to dress up, add a tie, a coat, or bring the whole suit! Please make sure the shirts you wear are ironed and have no wrinkles. If you bring something new, please take it out of the packaging before you arrive to your session. Bright, bold colors or plaids are great! Please try to avoid branding or words. Our goal is to capture you and your look on your best day!



Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA


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