Amazing GRACE is Having Her First Birthday – Miracles Do Happen | San Diego, CA


This month, Grace will have her first birthday.  This first birthday is exceptionally special because Grace was born with a combination of conditions that no baby has ever survived. Before Grace was born, her parents, Liz and Tristan, were given the devastating news that she had several heart defects as well as a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Liz and Tristan trusted God with their baby and He has proved to have different plans for this family through miracle after miracle.

GRACE - 1 1

After 3 surgeries and several months in NICU, Grace has proven to be a fighter, with God, her parents and her team of doctors close by her side.  With the exception of the feeding tube, Grace is seemingly like any other 11 month old baby: giggly, wiggly, smiley, talkative, playful and crawling everywhere, especially to chase after the family kitty cat.


I was blessed with the privilege of photographing Liz and Tristan’s wedding here in Sammamish, in 2011.  What pure joy it was to visit them in San Diego and create their beautiful baby’s first portraits!

GRACE - 1 2

Happy Birthday to Grace! 

And GLORY be to God for the miracle of this amazing, beautiful, smiley, little girl!



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