6 Wall Collage Ideas for Your Family Portraits

Hanging portraits on the wall is a special thing. It’s sentimental and unique to each and every family. Portraits on the wall tell stories and show family members they are truly loved. Photography is a form of visual art. Photographs of special memories, places and  family members can and often should be the art on the walls of your home.

I love helping families design the perfect wall collages for their homes. Having a background and degree in interior design, I love blending my expertise in photography and design to work with clients to match the colors in their portrait sessions to their wall colors in their homes.

Wall collages can tell a story as well as become special art pieces.  We love reminding our clients that collages are also very functional because they are easy to move around, split up and pass down to grown children and future generations.

Here are some of our favorite wall designs for canvas, metal, or framed prints. All of these wall collages can be sized smaller or larger and designed individually for your family and home.


1 – 20×32, 2 16×20’s, and 3 – 8×10’s
This collage is perfect for wedding or family portraits when you have a large staircase wall.  One large featured art piece  in the center surrounded by smaller intimate images is a wonderful way to tell the story of your wedding day or a special time in your family.


1 – 26×26 and 6 – 8×8’s
This collage makes a great split for one image or works well with seven images depending on what works best in your home. This works well if you have a favorite image of your family and others that compliment it.

Home interior 3D rendering

We recommend: 9 – 10×10’s or 12×12’s
Can’t choose just one portrait? This is your wall collage! Also it’s easy to make this wall collage as big or small as you’d like and what fits in your home. This is also a great option for those who move often or who potentially want to split up the portraits later.

JJP-Foursquare (M)

We recommend: 4 – 12×12’s, 16×16’s, or 20×20’s
Four images can tell the perfect story! We love this example. This is a clean look and fun option for all kinds of portraits to hang in your home.

JJP-Square Triptych

We recommend: 3 – 12×12’s, 16×16’s, or 20×20’s
We love how simple this collage is! You can hang it vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally going up a staircase. Perfect for all kinds of portraits and family stories.



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