F.A.Q. for Newborn Portraits

Are you expecting and feeling nervous about newborn portraits? Working with a photographer to capture the beginning of your child’s life is a very personal, intimate, and emotional process. You should feel ease and comfort with your family photographer and well prepared before your baby arrives.

We want to share the most frequently asked questions our clients have about newborn portraits.


When is the best time for newborn portraits?

The first week is the ideal time for newborn portraits.  If you like those dreamy sleepy portraits of your baby, it is important to do the photography in the first 4-10 days of their birth. This is when new babies are still very sleepy and don’t mind being curled up like they were before birth.

If the first week is not an option, don’t hesitate to do baby portraits any time that you can.  Babies change so fast that freezing this time in your memory is most important! Gorgeous photos can be created of babies at any stage.


What time of day should my portrait session occur?

If photographs are being taken within the first week, babies will be fed every 2 hours and we can photograph in between feedings.  For older babies, it will depend on feeding and napping schedules. It is best to do photographs when baby’s tummy is full.  Usually earlier in the day verses later in the day is best for children of all ages, but this really depends on your family.  Flexibility is important and sometimes rescheduling is needed.

What should I bring to my session?

Please bring anything that you normally bring when going out with your baby. Extra diapers, receiving blankets, extra outfits, spit up cloths.  If your baby is being bottle fed, bring bottles and formula.  Be prepared for anything.



What should he/she wear?

We will discuss ahead of time what you plan to have in the photographs, whether your baby will be in clothes or not, wrapped in a gauze blanket, adorned with props, etc. We can provide props or you can bring a special outfit that is important to you.


Photographing newborns and babies is very important and we understand the sentiment and care that must go into each session. We love working with new parents to capture and freeze their child’s beginning stages of life to remember and cherish forever.



Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA



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