Top Things To Avoid For High School Senior Portraits


1. Lack of sleep the night before your portrait session.

This is incredibly important and overlooked. A good nights sleep will give you the energy you need for the camera! Believe it or not, but the camera picks up poor posture and baggy eyes better than the eye. While, of course, we can always edit away circles under the eyes in post production, having energy brings a whole new light to your portraits that Photoshop can’t fix! Think of this like a test at school. Good sleep equals good results!


2. Being dehydrated in advance.

We typically spend 1.5 – 2 hours with each senior to fully capture their personality and this takes hard work! Summer shoots consist of hot sun and sometimes walking a ways. Fueling and hydrating your body well will prepare you for anything. Hydration also helps with healthy skin and energy which is important for capturing yearbook close ups.


3. Being in a hurry.

We’ve all got lots going on! Trust us, we understand. Setting aside the time for a 2 hour portrait session is important. Giving yourself time to face traffic, parking, and for the actual session is smart, especially when shooting away from our home studio. If you’re late or in a hurry, we cannot guarantee the variety of shots and looks you may want! Although, we work hard to move quickly and throughly, we want to give you the best experience we can. We promise to value your time and we love and appreciate when you do the same.


4. Haircut too close to session date (especially for the guys!).

Haircuts look best after about one to two weeks of growth! Once you’ve booked your session appointment, think about hair and makeup. Plan this all in advance and avoid any drastic changes. A haircut is a great idea if you haven’t had one recently, but remember to not wait until the last minute!



5. Forgetting to plan ahead.

We have all high school seniors come to our home studio for a consultation to discuss what they envision for their portrait session over some cookies and iced tea (seriously not kidding about the cookies). We believe it is important to get an understanding for who you are so we can capture you individually. We discuss different shoot locations, clothing ideas, and any props or pets you’d like to incorporate into your session. This helps us learn about you and helps you with brainstorming and designing your session.  Our job is to give you professional guidance and to make this fun!


6. Picking the wrong photographer.

Picking a photographer is a personal and delicate decision. Not every photographer is going to have the right style or personality that best suits you and your family’s needs.  Finding someone who you relate to, admire their work, and understand their pricing and packages is essential. This is why we offer consultations for our clients. We believe that finding the perfect fit for capturing this season and milestone in your life isn’t something to take lightly. We would love to help you start the journey of your senior year! And, congratulations!



Capturing life’s most treasured moments…

Sammamish, WA


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