JJSHOTME Team Goes to Help Nassau, Bahamas


We just spent the last ten days in Nassau, Bahamas helping construct a church building that was flattened during Hurricane Matthew two years ago. It was an incredible trip with lots of memories and moments that we will remember for a lifetime.

It’s easy to forget that in a tourist destination there are locals who are still suffering and recovering from a disaster over two years ago. We are very thankful we got to take some time away from the office to help others in need.

Here are some of the photos from the project. We spent eight days mixing concrete by hand and pouring columns in between the walls of block we laid into place. It was definitely more difficult and time consuming than most construction in the states. Because they are on an island, all the materials have to be shipped out from Florida which takes time and money. It was eye opening to understand why it’s taken over two years to recover as well as they have already.


One thing we loved about being on the island was the people. These people know how to hug and celebrate. Their hearts are kind and open. It was very refreshing to experience the joy that Bahamians have and how their charisma impacts everyone surrounding them.


We each made a block with our name on it and built them into the wall. It’s really special to think that even our little impact will be on these walls forever.


Emily had the opportunity to share her story and influence the 1,000 high school students across the street from the construction site. These students are incredibly respectful, well-mannered, and each have a dream for college-bound journeys. We were lucky to get to know several of them throughout the week and they are truly the future leaders of our world.

We were lucky to get a little R&R time on a couple of the days in the later afternoons. We mostly watched the sunsets on the beach and enjoyed counting the cruise ships as they came and went each day. It’s a beautiful island.


The food was amazing!! We ate out a couple of meals, but mostly some local ladies cooked for us. We ate traditional jerk, lots of fish, and everything conch. Conch salad, conch stew, conch fritters, you name it! It was delicious.


We came to bless these people, but honestly left being the ones blessed. There’s something special about taking the time to serve others overseas especially in a place where Americans only vacation. The people are what make Nassau beautiful, not the beaches or fancy seafood. We enjoyed our small part in this building process and are so excited to watch our new friends continue to build a strong community in the Bahamas.



Sammamish, WA




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