PRINT IT – Why Print Your Favorite Memories This Holiday Season?

Holidays are a special and sacred time for families. Memories are created as families and friends gather and practice traditions that will be remembered for many lifetimes. Many personal photos will be taken this season in hope to remember these special moments. Photographs are how we connect past to present and how we share our family stories with younger generations.

Since the advent of smart phones and computers, many people keep their photos on phones or computers digitally. Unfortunately, phones are easily lost or stolen, computers crash, and hard drives freeze.  It is easy to lose precious pictures in an instant. Online storage systems are expensive and can be overwhelming to manage, such that many people don’t use them. Printing your favorite photos is the best way to keep your memories safe and it is the best way to insure they will be found by future family members.  

We recommend that you print your most favorite photos regularly and save them in a box that is stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.  This box becomes a kind of “time capsule” that future generations in your family will find and enjoy as the history of your family is written.   (Remember to write the date and place of the photo on the back!) The best gift you can give your loved ones this holiday season is the legacy of photos that tell the story of you and your family!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season making memories with those you love.   We know we will.

Happy Holidays!





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