The JJSHOTME Team Explores Morocco | Travel Photography

February was an incredible month for us at JJSHOTME! We took the cameras overseas and explored a little bit of Morocco. We want to share some of our favorite highlights from our trip. We hope you enjoy our photos.

These images are from a historic sight, called Volubilis, near the city of Meknes. The city was established as the Mauritanian capital in the 3rd century BC and became an important outpost of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is exceptionally well preserved. The integrity of the ruins still standing at this partially excavated archeological site is beyond awe inspiring! There are no words for the feelings provoked when standing on these hills overlooking this site.
It’s not hard to find the endangered Barbary Macaque “hanging out”in the Atlas mountains of Morocco near Azrou and Ifrane. They’re oddly friendly due to locals and tourists feeding them on the sides of the roads. They come right up to you in hope you’ll feed them anything that they don’t have to forage for. Beware, though, they have very long teeth and they are wild animals!
Moulay Idriss is located on the way to Volubilis from Meknes. It is considered the most holy city of Morocco. It is where the dynasty of Idriss and Islam began in Morocco.
These colorful shops are located in the heart of the Medina of Fez. Miles and miles of narrow paths lead into the old city, comprising of shops (souks), residences, mosques, schools, restaurants, hotels, fountains, and the largest tannery. The medina in Fez is the largest in the world.
When most people think of Morocco, they don’t always picture snow. We woke up one morning to a snow dusting which was a special treat! This is the beautiful city of Ifrane, in the Atlas Mountains. Our trip was incredible and filled with lots of adventure and some stillness. We soaked it all in until our next opportunity to travel!

To read about our second part of this trip in London, click the link below!




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3 thoughts on “The JJSHOTME Team Explores Morocco | Travel Photography

  1. Sallie Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing photos of a place I am not likely to visit personally. Beauty that old is something we don’t have here. The architectures grand.

    Liked by 1 person

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