Headshots – What Do I Wear?!

First impressions are “everything”. Headshots are essential in business and in life. There is only one “you” and because you are unique and special, your headshot should represent the best “you”. We want to help you make that happen.  The first place to start is to select the right wardrobe. Here are some tips to consider when preparing for your session.

Profession. What’s it for?

The industry you work in determines how you dress. That’s true for everyday work the same way that it is true for your headshot. Do you dress up or down for you work day? A lawyer might wear a suit and tie while an actor may wear a button up or simple v-neck. A construction manager might wear jeans and a plaid collared shirt.  It’s important to take your profession into consideration.

Dress like “you”.

Your headshot will be the factor where the first impression is made of those looking to hire you, whether you provide services as a small business owner or you are looking to be hired by an employer. It is critically important that your headshot is current and looks like you.  We recommend that you wear what makes you most comfortable, confident, while showing off your personality and also maintaining a professional look for your own profession, whatever that might be.


Wear colors that accentuate your eyes and compliment your skin tone and hair color. We want your eyes to pop, because they are the first thing someone notices about your headshot.  What colors do you feel beautiful, handsome or most comfortable in?

Avoid distraction.

We recommend avoiding any busy patterns or clothing that distracts from your eyes and face, because it is important your eyes are seen first.  Your eyes are the “window to your soul”!  For the ladies, it’s a good idea to wear a top that accentuates your neckline and keep jewelry to a minimum.  We suggest avoiding scarves or turtlenecks seeing your neckline will appear the most slimming.

Wear what you love.

Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in! You must love it. The camera will capture the confidence in your face!  If you feel special about how you’re dressed, your images will show it in the energy of your countenance.  If you are wearing what you love, you will love your headshots. We want you to love your headshots!

Extra tip for the ladies: Keep your makeup to a minimum and at the very most, wear your daily “professional normal”. Wearing natural, matte makeup with a little eye makeup and lip color is perfect. Avoid sparkles and over the top eyeliner.  Keep it “real”.

Still stressed?

If you’re worried about what to wear, bring multiple options. We are happy to help you select the best option for your style and profession. We love what we do and want to help!  Most of all, we hope this is a fun experience that will build confidence and help you be ready to “take on” your profession! 

Please remember that you do not have to be “photogenic” or feel “photogenic”.  It’s our job as professionals to light you and pose you beautifully, so that you are represented in your portrait as the unique, “one of a kind” person that YOU are.  We can’t wait to work with you!


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