Pastor Steve & Cheryl | Eastridge Church | Issaquah, WA

It was a joy to create these portraits on a perfect rainy, Pacific Northwest Day! Thank you for trusting us to capture you! JEAN JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER | PERSONAL ARTIST |FAMILY HISTORIAN CONNECT WITH US: 425.681.8390 Instagram & Twitter: @jjshotme Facebook: Jean Johnson Productions

New Year, Best You! – The Importance of Headshots

First impressions are everything. A first impression decision is often made within the first 30 seconds. Your headshot introduces you and is essential in all professional fields, yet headshots are undervalued. Many times your headshot is the first thing someone sees on a website, social media platform, article, press release or so on. Your head … Continue reading New Year, Best You! – The Importance of Headshots